2022 Rockbridge Indoor 5K's and Challenges

Rockbridge Race Series are designed to be fun, welcoming races to help stay healthy through the Winter and help get you ready for Spring/Summer/Fall races. The track is world class, has banked turns and a plywood, cushioned surface under the rubber! We are excited to make 2022 challenging and to provide a race/challenge each week in addition to coaching and form running. Each evening will be scored objectively if possible, or subjectively if needed. We will award a Race Series Champion at the year end party!

Single Day Race $20 (includes t-shirt or All 6 sessions $119 (t-shirt and water bottle)

  • January 16th 5:05-6:35pm

        • Form Running

        • 5:45pm 30 minute continuous run challenge on banked track

        • Upper Deck walking challenge 30 minutes

            • Prizes: Person who runs closest to their age in laps wins (ie 30 year old running 30 laps, scores perfectly and wins, a 40 year old running 40 laps, scores perfectly and wins, also most laps and least laps wins).

  • January 23rd, New Time Schedule, We are excited to have Cadets joining, Crozet Crew, and others from out of Town!

1/23/2021 Relay Photos

Event Winners & 5000 Meter Relay Time:

Overall Champions: Sadie Adams/Jenna Stutzman 15:08

Local Boys/Men: Preston Spangler/Paul Spangler 16:21

Local Girls: Deena Ludtke/Nicole Black 16:58

        • 4:30pm 5K 2 person relay. Each person runs a lap and hands off to teammate.

        • Younger teams (8th grade and younger) or beginning athletes (21 minutes or slower 5K times) may have 5K teams of 3. 6th grade and younger may have teams of 4 (or average 5K times of 25 or slower may have teams of 4). This will be both fun and a little chaotic.

        • 5:10pm Mile relay with up to 4 people (each person can run 1 lap at a time or can run the whole mile solo). Each team can choose how many laps their runner will run. Runners can do multiple hand-offs/exchanges.

        • 5:45pm Fellowship of Christian Athletes has requested to join us and has offered a 5-10 minute presentation after our cool down, optional.

  • January 30th Prediction Run (Pick your time before the start. Closest to the predicted time wins) Suggested Races based on grade levels. Athletes may choose to run a longer distance. Special prize for adults who do the triple (1600, 3200, 5k) and are closest to predicted time for all three.

        • 3:30pm East Coast Elite/Rockbridge Runners Practice begins

        • 4:05pm 6 & under, 400 Prediction

        • 4:10pm Third Grade and younger 800 Prediction

        • 4:16pm 7th grade and younger 1600 Prediction Run

        • 4:26pm 8th-12th grade 3200 Prediction Run

        • 4:42pm 5K Community Prediction Run

        • 5:07pm Continuous Relay (no teams, just practice)

        • 5:20pm Cool-down, Team Meeting, Team Huddle

        • 5:30pm Optional FCA with Greg Jewett, local FCA rep

Tuesday February 1st 6:30pm Social Event at Brew Ridge Taps

  • February 6th

        • Knock out

            • We will start at a pace everyone can run. We will slowly get faster until only 1 runner remains.

            • Sub 18 minute 5K runners are in lane 6, Sub 19:30 Lane 5, Sub 21:00, Lane 4, Sub 23:00 Lane 3, Sub 26 Lane 2, Others Lane 1

            • We will also have some individual workouts after as well.

  • February 13th 1 Hour Challenge!!! Teams must be co-ed.

        • 1 hour challenge, most laps wins a prize

        • Solo (most laps wins)

        • 2 person team (most laps wins)

        • 3 person team (most laps wins)

  • February 20th Prediction Run 1 Mile, 5K and Relays (Pick a time before the start. Closest to the predicted wins)

        • 3:30pm Warm-ups, Team Meetings

        • 4:20pm 1 mile prediction

        • 4:30pm All Comers 5K Prediction Run Heat 1 (Faster Heat, around 25 minutes or less prediction)

        • 5:00pm Medley Relay (4 person teams: 3 laps, 1 lap, 2 laps, 4 laps)

        • 5:10pm Sprint Medley (4 person teams: half lap, half lap, 1 lap, 2 laps)

        • 5:20pm Pictures (Everyone please wear your East Coast T-shirts or Rockbridge Runners Shirts)

        • 5:30pm Walkers prediction on Upper deck track (14 laps)

2022 Rates:

Entire Race Series: $119 (Open to All)

College Rates (50% off)


Accessible for everyone!

We are hoping to make this training option more accessible to everyone in the community. If you need financial assistance, please email hq2running@gmail.com for a reduced rate and a brief explanation to help us determine a rate.

Sponsors & Scholarships!

If you are in position (individually or as a business) to sponsor half or full tuition scholarships, please email us!