East Coast Elite Roanoke - 1.5.24

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Open to Public and Private schools in Virginia, Maryland, D.C. North Carolina, Tennesee, Kentucky, WV(please check if your school does not follow santion guidelines. We will make sure all teams are in the proper divisions)

Registration Instructions:

Volunteer Sign-up:

Entry fees are for anyone registering for the event. This is not a participation fee. If VMI cancels the meet due to weather or other circumstance, the registration fees will be returned. If schools choose to not attend for any reason, the registration fees will still be used to pay for the facility, officials, workers and clubs who are volunteering to earn donations for their group.

Roanoke ATHLETE Information: Meet info for other sites available in September. 

Field Events will get three attempts, plus three in finals. No minimum marks. 

Shot weigh-ins at throwing areas from 7:45-8:45am

Spike Check next to the Hip Check-in Table! 

Athletes should look up your heat and lane number: www.snaptiming.com

(Report your event, heat, and lane # to the check-in area)

Track Events = Fast Heat first

Field Events = Best Flight Last

Only competing athletes may be on the infield.

The top one section of the 300 will use blocks.

The top one section of the 4X200 will use blocks.

4X400 will not use blocks

Athletes will not get "run outs" on the track. Run outs should be on the warm-up track(s).

We will take 9 to finals in field events. 

SWAG: East Coast Elite T-shirts $25, Long Sleeves $35, Hoodies $55 Purchase Here

Gate Tickets Purchase Here

Snaptiming: Instant Results

Event Volunteers/officials: Contact snaptiming@gmail.com 

Starting Heights/Boards: 

Girls HJ 1.29, 1.34, 1.39, 1.44, 1.49, 1.54, 1.59, 1.64, 1.69

Girls PV 2.15, 2.30, 2.45, 2.60, 2.75, 2.90, 3.05, 3.20, 3.35, 3.50

Boys HJ 1.57, 1.62. 1.67, 1.72, 1.77, 1.82, 1.87, 1.92, 1.97

Boys PV 2.45, 2.60, 2.75, 2.90, 3.05, 3.20, 3.35, 3.50, 3.65, 3.80, 3.95, 4.10, 4.25

Girls TJ: 24 foot, 28 foot

Boys TJ: 30 foot, 36 foot

Last Year's Schedule:

Time: Track Infield (Heats):

9:00am       55Hurdles HS Boys (Heats 1-8)

9:25am       55Hurdles HS Girls (Heats 1-7)

9:50am       55 HS Boys (Heats 1-16)

Time: Track on Oval (Heats from 2023):

9:00am 55 High School Girls (Heats 1-23)

9:45am 55 Middle School Girls (Heats 1-3)

9:50am       55 HS Boys (Heats 17-26)

10:08am 55 Middle School Boys (Heats 1-2)

10:20am 4X800 HS Boys (2)

10:45am 4X800 HS Girls (2)

11:15am       4X200 HS Boys (7)

11:36am         4X200 HS Girls (6)

11:55am         1600 HS Boys (8)

12:50pm         1600 Middle School boys (2)

1:05pm 1600 HS Girls (4)

1:35pm 1600 Middle School Girls (1)

1:45pm          500 HS Boys (17)

2:20pm 500 Middle School Boys (1) 

2:22pm          500 HS Girls (13)

2:50pm 500 Middle School Girls (2)

2:55pm          1000 HS Boys (10)

3:30pm         1000 Middle School Boys (2)

3:38pm 1000 HS Girls (7)

4:10pm 1000 Middle School Girls (1)

4:15pm 300 HS Boys Invite (Heats 1-3)

4:21pm          300 HS Boys (Heats 4-41)

5:00pm          300 Middle School Boys (3)

5:05pm 300 HS Girls Invite (Heats 1-3)

5:10pm 300 HS Girls (Heats 4-34)

5:47pm 300 Middle School Girls (5)

5:55pm          3200 HS Boys (3)

6:35pm 3200 HS Girls (2)

7:05pm          4X400 HS Boys (4)

7:35pm            4X400 HS Girls (4)

7:57pm Co-ed 4X400 MS Girls (1)

Time: Shot/Location (Flights):

9:15am     Boys/Weight Cage (Flights 1-4)

9:15am     Boys/Shot Cage (Flight 5-9)

2:00pm          Girls/Weight Cage (Flights 1-3)

2:00pm          Girls/Shot Cage (Flights 4-7)

Time: Horizontal Events:

10:00am       LJ Boys (home) (7)

10:00am       LJ Girls (back) (5)

2:00pm         TJ Girls (3) (back)

2:30pm          TJ Boys (4) (home)

Time: Pole Vault/Location:

10:00am       Boys (home)

11:00am     Girls (back) 

Time: High Jump/Location:

11:15am       Boys/Finish Area (MS Boys Follow)

11:45am Girls/Start Area (MS Girls Follow)

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